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Lexmark 26 Colour Ink (10N0026)
Lexmark 26 Colour Ink (10N0026)

Lexmark 26 Colour Ink (10N0026)


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The Lexmark 10N0026 Colour Ink Cartridge features small nozzle holes which produce 7 picolitre ink drops. The result is sharper images and a smoother blending of colours. With Lexmark's most advanced cyan, magenta and yellow ink formulations, colour bleed is improved; resulting in a distinct boundary on the page and offering enhanced image definition.

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Compatible With The Following Models:
  • Lexmark Multifunction Printer: X75, Z13, Z23, Z25, Z33, Z35 Lexmark Colour Jet Printer: i3 Compaq Inkjet: IJ650

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