Motion Sports Adrenaline (PlayStation 3) - Previously Played price tracker

Motion Sports Adrenaline (PlayStation 3) - Previously Played
Motion Sports Adrenaline (PlayStation 3) - Previously Played

Motion Sports Adrenaline (PlayStation 3) - Previously Played


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Plunge down mountains in your wingsuit, pull off a frontside 360 while Kiteboarding along the Gold Coast or hurtle down 200 foot waterfalls on your kayak as you attempt to burn your name into history books. Every move you make has the potential to push you closer to becoming an extreme sports legend or rip you in half. Only by risking everything will you be able to break the will of Mother Nature.

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  • Experience pulse-pounding sports like wingsuit proximity flying, kiteboarding, whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, free fall skydiving, ETRM skiing, jungle parkour and more.
  • Risk It All for Greatness - Reap rewards for recklessness. The riskier your moves, the bigger the bonuses. Build up your fan base online and unlock new challenges and locations, get sick gear, and lock-in lucrative sponsorship deals.
  • Conquer the Wonders of the World - From mountain top temples in the Himalayas to the tumultuous Amazon River and its world famous waterfalls, travel to the far reaches of the globe in search of the ultimate high.
  • Instinctive Motion Gameplay - Use motion control to experience adrenaline-pumping extreme sports like never before.
  • Take on your Friends - Compete solo or with a friend in multiple game modes such as Speed Round, Tricks and Collectibles, Challenges, and Survival mode.

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