FIFA Soccer 2014 (XBOX 360) - Previously Played price tracker

FIFA Soccer 2014 (XBOX 360) - Previously Played
FIFA Soccer 2014 (XBOX 360) - Previously Played

FIFA Soccer 2014 (XBOX 360) - Previously Played


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Prove yourself on the pitch with FIFA Soccer 2014. The latest installment of the mega-successful franchise brings the world of international soccer to your screen with hyper-realistic gameplay that will seriously test your soccer skills as you try to capitalize on exhilarating scoring chances.  Stay connected with engaging online features that let you compete and share with fans around the world.

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  • Pure Shot: Players can adjust their stride and angle of approach to achieve the perfect shot. They can also shoot while off balance or rushed, each option yielding a different result.
  • Real Ball Physics: The trajectory of the ball is determined by realistic physics, so you can shoot like a real soccer player.
  • Protect The Ball: Out-muscle and out-dribble your opponents to control the ball in the midfield and block defenders at any speed.
  • Play smarter: Your teammates will make better decisions while marking and tracking the other team, so defenders know when to support the offence and attacking players will find new ways to outsmart their opponents.
  • Skill Games: This competitive practise mode gets you up to speed with the skills you need to win matches.
  • Career Mode: Use the Global Scouting Network to find talent, evaluate players, uncover their hidden potential, and beef up your team to get that much closer to victory.

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