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Telemax Multi Port Dock (TXDOCK)
Telemax Multi Port Dock (TXDOCK)

Telemax Multi Port Dock (TXDOCK)


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This Telemax docking station with video is a unique expansion unit for computers that have extra connectivity demands. With just one USB port on your computer, you can connect to USB peripherals, Ethernet, a speaker, microphone, and even an additional monitor. It also offers the convenience of accessing the peripherals within your reach instead of crouching under your desk.

More Information

  • With the video port, your computer can be connected to an additional monitor, LCD or projector.
  • The connected monitor can be configured to either mirror your primary screen, or extend the Windows desktop allowing visibility of more applications at the same time. No more stacking windows within the confines of a single display.
  • Its upright design helps to spare your desktop space. Most peripherals are connected on the rear of the unit while two USB ports and audio outputs are included on the front panel for easier accessibility.
  • An industry standard security lock is also provided for anti-theft purpose.

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