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Kinect Sports: Rivals (Xbox One)
Kinect Sports: Rivals (Xbox One)

Kinect Sports: Rivals (Xbox One)


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Show off your sportsmanship skills in an immersive HD world enhanced by intuitive player recognition. Kinect Sports: Rivals scans and launches your likeness into a series of online tournaments and head-to-head rivalries with cloud friends, rewarding wins with level ups, fame and reward unlocks.

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  • Rendered in 1080p HD for high definition graphics that bring competition to life
  • Play re-imagined versions of your favourite sports as well as new ones
  • Scanner creates and inputs your recognizable likeness right into the game
  • Game learns how your friends compete and plays like them on their behalf when they're away
  • Multiple sports, events and online tournaments that reward with level ups, fame building and unlocks
  • Exclusive Xbox One edition with special bonus in-game sports outfits and gear

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